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About Aquarius – The Ugly Truth

About Aquarius – The Ugly Truth: by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Find out the ugly truth about Aquarius. Get the low-down on what the zodiac signs are really about. Kelli Fox, The Astrologer reveals the ugly truth about the horoscope signs. Sometimes, the truth needs to be told…

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This sign is weirdest of the zodiac. Most Aquarians will probably take this as a compliment but they shouldn’t. They are detached and aloof and almost robotic when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s sort of like they don’t really have any emotion at all because they’re so undemonstrative. It’s like they’ve been brought to this earth from another planet.

Again, that’s not a compliment. They are rebellious and can actually be a huge torment — never knowing when to stop the endless teasing and terrorizing of those closest to them. What they think is funny most people do not. They seem to care more about people who are not closest to them — at best what could be called acquaintances.

Their loved ones need a thick skin to deal with their eccentric ways. Just ask any spouse of an Aquarian who will tell you the numerous times they were left to fend for themselves at a social event while their dearly beloved was off looking for the most interesting person in the place to mix with. They need your freedom at all costs.

Many Aquarians are inventive and will come up with unique and useless innovations. The new and scientific really appeal to them and they never cease to show off what they consider their brilliance and originality. They are stubborn and will do just about anything to prove their point — hammering even their poor old granny into submission when they think they’re right. They can be erratic and sometimes their behavior could get them committed.

They are not materialistic and will tend to give away their money and possessions to humanitarian causes.

Saving the world is what matters most to them and many Aquarians believe they truly have the intellectual capabilities to do it. They are the classic know-it-all.

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