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Changes Seen During The Main Stages of Cat Years

The second life stage of cat years is the adult stage, sometimes known as the “maintenance years.” Cats have ceased the rapid growth period of kittenhood and have stabilized their overall size and weight, however, our responsibility for them has not ceased. These years are crucial because it is during this period that the first tendencies toward age-related disease can show up, such as feline diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease.

Veterinary Care for Adult Cats

Adult cats should be seenMORE annually for a wellness check, and to receive any necessary Core Vaccine booster shots. It is important to routinely examine your cat at home, to spot any potential problems, such as lumps, ear mites, and excessive weight gain. It is also important to know your cat’s habits. Be alert for changes such as the following:

  • Limping
    Limping or slow gait when climbing stairs can be a symptom or arthritis or injury. In either case, a vet visit is indicated.
  • Change in Litter Box Habits
    Peeing outside the box is often a sign of urinary blockage or FLUTD, and is an indication for a vet visit ASAP. Diarrhea, absent a food change or painful constipation also should trigger a vet visit.
  • Change in Appetite
    Sudden loss of appetite can be an indication of several diseases, and the cat should be seen by a vet for diagnosis and treatment. The same applies for cats who eat constantly but do not gain weight.

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