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How A Guy Will Screw You Over Based On His Zodiac Sign

Aries is a fire sign so that’s an instant flag for power. He is very reckless and unpredictable, making him a difficult opponent to face. He is also very competitive to the point where he will do anything to win a fight.

While fighting, he uses all means necessary and has no morals. In his moments of biggest outbursts, he will blame you for messing around with him, like you started the fight instead of him. Conclusion? Goodbye Aries, I won’t miss you!

A Taurus man will be as cold as a cucumber until angered. When he is mad, he is scary, so you better watch out. Since he is a bull, he won’t be afraid to fight you, and will mostly end up winning. In every fight, he will blame you for all the problems he has.

His attitude is: “I need some space to deal with things!” and he leaves you no choice other than to listen to him or just pack your things and leave. He will never say that he is sorry and he will claim that he is the one who is right all this time. Pretty exhausting, right?

A Gemini man is extremely quick. In the blink of an eye, he will think of all the good reasons why you are the guilty one. If you mess with him, you can expect some nasty games like sharing your nude photos with his buddies or gossiping some shit about you that is not real at all.

He thinks he is the winner of every fight so sometimes he won’t even try to defend himself. He will just let you live in a lie that you are better than him but deep inside, he will strongly believe you are not even worth the fight.

When a Cancer man fights, we are talking about some serious shit in here. He just can’t stand that someone is better than him in fighting so he will use all means necessary to win. All the way from dirty mind games to saying sweet words to winning you over are his tactics to be the best fighter of the zodiac.

He is selfish and doesn’t respect your boundaries, so forget about taking some time alone if your Cancer man wishes to be with you. Stubborn to the bone and an ‘I-am-always-right combination’ makes it impossible to deal with him. My advice: “Run as fast as you can!”

What a surprise—another fire sign. Leo is a strong and powerful lion. He is scared of losing and being humiliated, so he will do all in his power to remain the king of the jungle. When fighting with you, he will hit you where you are sensitive the most.

He will probably cheat on you to make himself feel good again. If you catch him, he will say that he is sorry but he will do it again—if he gets a chance. How rude!

A Virgo man is a real fuckboy. He is known for being a perfectionist and he will make your life miserable trying to make the perfect girlfriend out of you. Anything you say or do won’t be good enough for him.

When fighting, he knows that good timing is the key. If the timing is good enough, he will win, but if it’s not good, he will lose. It is impossible to have a long-term relationship with him unless you are taking antidepressants, so it is not important what kind of boyfriend you have. Enough said!

A Libra man seems like a goodie but you should never judge the book by its cover. Maybe he looks like a sweet and calm boy, but in reality, he is just a fuckboy who will do anything to reach his goal. No matter if he has a girlfriend or if he is single, he will show off in front of the other girls and hit on them.

He just can’t accept the fact that he is part of a relationship and being faithful is a key ingredient to making it work. Even if he tries to be faithful, he won’t be able to keep his dick in his pants for a long time!

A Scorpio man is a real control freak. He will try to convince you that you don’t need anyone except him, isolating you from your friends and family. Scorpio is a fixed sign, has the sting of the Scorpion, and is very dark.

He knows what the best ways to destroy you inside and out are. Since he is very clever, he will know what to do and when to do it. One of his most powerful weapons is manipulation and he will use it to hurt you where you are sensitive the most.

A Sag is very competitive and he will do anything in his power to be the best version of himself. In relationships, he is not so dedicated, so you can expect that he goes on a date with you and sleeps with another girl on his way home.

He resents the feeling of owing you an explanation, so he ignores it entirely. He hates being tied in a relationship, so an open type of a relationship suits him the best. The harsh truth is that he is definitely fun material but unfortunately, he will never be hubby material!

Ohh, this one is a big time player. He will tell you all you want to hear just to get into your panties. After he gets what he wants, he won’t think twice about dumping you and finding another hot chick.

He is completely unemotional, and he is all about hedonism in life. So, the only thing you can do is to be miles away from him and never believe his sweet, little lies. Trust me, I’ve been there!

He is stubborn, independent, and distant. For most of the people, these are good traits but unfortunately, an Aquarius uses them so he doesn’t have to put a label to your relationship.

If you try to tell him how bad you feel about his non-commitment, he will make you believe that you are wrong and that there is plenty of time for dating. He is a logical thinker, so it won’t be a problem for him to get what he wants.

And last but not least — a Pisces man! He isn’t ambitious, so it can lead to the relationship falling apart. The worst thing about him is that he lives in his own world and forgets that it takes two to tango! Dump him unless you want to spend the rest of your life comforting him while totally forgetting about your dreams and goals.

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