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Leiting Games launches dungeon-crawler Overdungeon on Steam

Chinese game publisher Leiting Games has announced the full version of the rogue-like dungeon-crawler Overdungeon from Pocket Pair is now available on the PC via Steam. The Shenzhen, China-based Overdungeon said the game made by a former Nintendo developer blends the replayability of a rogue-like dungeon-crawler with the frenzied fights …

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Steam disables payments in local Argentinian currency

One of the Steam marketplace’s most important features is its ability to accept local currencies from countries around the world. Valve has done a ton of leg work to make that happen, which opens up the potential for games to find new audiences. But dealing with multiple world currencies means …

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Severe local 0-Day escalation exploit found in Steam Client Services

Enlarge / Breaking bugs are as described—a security flaw in Steam’s client service allows easy execution of arbitrary code as LOCALSYSTEM. Earlier today, disgruntled security researcher Vasily Kravets released a zero-day vulnerability in the Windows version of the ubiquitous gaming service Steam. The vulnerability allows any user to run arbitrary code …

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Valve makes it more difficult for devs to manipulate Steam

Steam’s marketplace has so many games that it’s difficult for any one to get a lot of attention. Valve Software, which owns and operates the platform, is always working on news ways to address this problem. Some creators, however, have found their own creative and sometimes underhanded ways of improving …

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