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Why The World Needs Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The world needs ENFPs to inspire people who have lost their purpose and can’t find their way.

The world needs INFPs to mend broken spirits and inspire great compassion.

The world needs ENFJs to guide and mentor those who cannot find a way to go on.

The world needs INFJs to understand the human condition at its core.

The world needs ISTJs to ensure that we are carrying out tasks optimally.

The world needs ESTJs to ensure that everyone is staying focused on what really matters.

The world needs ISTPs to make sense of the way things work and how they can be manipulated to our advantage.

The world needs ESTPs to explore new opportunities that others are afraid to pursue.

The world needs ENTJs to implement complex, long-term plans for the future.

The world needs ENTPs to synthesize and invent new ideas.

The world needs INTPs to bridge the gap between what is and what could be.

The world needs INTJs to cultivate visions of an optimal future.

The world needs ESFJs to shelter and care for the people who live in it.

The world needs ISFJs to promote loyalty and commitment to what matters.

The world needs ISFPs to showcase its beauty and mystery.

The world needs ESFPs to bring people together and relish in the world we all share.

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