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15 Celebs You’d Be Perfect With Based On Your Zodiac Sign (And Some To Avoid)

It’s 2017 and time to finally take your love life up a notch. Or maybe a few notches by wading into the celebrity dating pool. And to ensure you don’t waste your time going after a Hemsworth when you

It’s 2017 and time to finally take your love life up a notch. Or maybe a few notches by wading into the celebrity dating pool. And to ensure you don’t waste your time going after a Hemsworth when you should be knocking on the door of a Jonas brother, we’ve gotten a foolproof plan for your celebrity dating strategy: astrology. That’s right, we’re looking to the stars to help you match up with a star. So take a scroll through this list to figure out which Hollywood hunk you would be perfect with based on your Zodiac sign. Warning: this list is full of some delicious man candy. We’d suggest just scrolling all the way through for the nice view. But be careful! At the end, we introduce three Hollywood celebs you should stay away from based on your Zodiac sign. You don’t want to get involved with someone who is just not right for you. And yes, some of the men on this list are married, engaged or in a relationship. We’re not advocating for you to take a mistress role! Let’s just pretend we’re in a world where all of these hotties are unattached and available for you to date. The same fictional world where all of these hunks would give us normal people the time of day.

15If You’re An Aries….


Hey Aries lady, have we got something wonderfully attractive for you. Your perfect man is none other than Chris Hemsworth, a Leo with the most piercing blue eyes and hunky body. The stars say that you and Chris are going to have a passionate relationship. Everything about you two is fiery and strong. Sure, you might get into a few spats. But it’s your deep love that will keep you together. You value Chris’ clarity while he values your ability to be concise. You’re both brave and strong leaders, so you may have to take turns in the spotlight. Emotionally, you and Chris are perfectly in sync. Everything between you two is warm, passionate, playful, and fun. You’re both very energetic and will love to try new things together. Maybe Chris will take you zip lining for your next date or on a surprise trip to Fiji? Whatever it is, we’re already jealous. Congrats – You get to date Thor!

14If You’re A Taurus…


For the Taurus girl, we suggest looking up Nick Jonas, a Virgo. As a Taurus, you’ll teach Nick about love, tenderness, and passion. Now that sounds like a fun teaching job! The stars say you and Nick are a match made in heaven, as long as you don’t give in to distrust or your fear of being hurt. You bring the clear heart and Nick will bring the clear mind. You’ll connect intellectually and your patience will help win Nick over. He just needs to know you’re not going to up and leave him like some other Disney stars from his past (cough Gomez, cough Cyrus). You can both be a little stubborn, but your brilliant brain and Nick’s tender heart will bring you guys back together again. We think it’s worth a shot. After all, he’s definitely the Jonas brother who aged the best, right? It’d be hard to say no to someone who looks as good and sings as smoothly as Nick Jonas.

13If You’re A Gemini…


Congrats, Gemini! Your perfect celebrity match is Libra Zac Efron. Color us very jealous! Your relationship with Zac is all about support. You have to be there for each other. We’re sure you’ll have no problem being there for good looking Zac – have you seen his Baywatch pictures? Anyway, the stars say that if you want to make it work with Zac, and you definitely do, you’ll have to take care of him. Libras like Zac don’t like to be alone! And he’ll have to respect you as his teacher, lover, and friend. When Zac falls in love, he falls hard. He will trust you completely and always be thinking of the deep love you two share. Sure, he might get a little flirty from time to time. But you understand that the flirting is just part of Zac’s job. You trust him too and don’t have to keep him on a short leash. We’re sure you love birds will find a way to make it work!

12If You’re A Cancer…


For the Cancer chick, it is all about yummy Pisces man, Adam Levine. Who can resist that steely gaze, those muscular arms, and a voice that melts hearts? Certainly not a Cancer girl! When they talk about love at first sight, they’re talking about you and Adam Levine. You two are all about the emotional connection. You understand Adam better than anyone else. Your one challenge with Adam will be finding the line between his need for change and excitement and your need for family and stability. But once you find that balance, the stars say you’re one of the best couples in the Zodiac! So let Adam’s adventurous side inspire you and use your stable nature to help Adam feel comfortable and at home. At the end of the day, you both want to be loved and cared for. We certainly wouldn’t mind loving and caring for Adam Levine!

11If You’re A Leo…


Leo ladies, your perfect match is none other than Aries man James Franco. We know Franco has a reputation for being a bit of a wild child in Hollywood (do not look at his Instagram feed, if you can help it). But that is why he needs someone like you! Together, you two are passionate and once in love, almost impossible to separate. You will be true to each other until the end and fight for your love. That is a nice trait to have in a partner. Just do not expect too much peace from this relationship. Things will always be a bit of a whirlwind with James. But that is what you Leo ladies love! You need that energy and spark in your relationship. James will definitely bring that. At the end of the day, you both admire one another and will build a strong relationship on your mutual passion and energy.

10If You’re A Virgo…


Virgo gal, listen up! Your perfect Hollywood match is hunky Capricorn Bradley Cooper. Unlike the Aries and Leo combination, you and Bradley are all about a slow and steady love. You build your relationship on respect, trust, and love because you are in it for the long haul. You have been searching for perfection your whole life and you will find it in Bradley who will give you all the time you need and listen to you endlessly. Just remember not to get too stiff and still find time to open up emotionally. You will find a perfect intellectual match in Bradley – hew will challenge your mind while still respecting your opinion. If there is ever a problem, you and Bradley are the perfect team to solve it. The trust you two share will be absolutely unbreakable. Because nothing matters more to Bradley than trust and you are a Virgo girl who understands that.

9If You’re A Libra…


Miss Libra, allow us to introduce your perfect celebrity match: Blake Shelton, the Gemini guy! Let’s pretend the whole Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani mess doesn’t exist. Just picture Blake as the hunky cowboy he is. Blake will love the balance that you bring to the relationship. While you’ll love his ability to entertain. You’re both mentally sharp and will share many intellectual interests, which might surprise the country singer. The stars say you two are awesome at coming up with ideas together. So maybe Blake will invite you down to the recording studio to help out with his next album? Blake will love the fresh energy you bring to the relationship and will happily follow you as you pursue your dreams. He’ll also be happy to take a backseat if you want to be the leader. So go ahead and suggest that lavish date night, Blake will be into it!

8If You’re A Scorpio…


Scorpio sister, have we got a catch for you! What do you say to yummy British actor and Cancer man Benedict Cumberbatch? We say yes please! The trick with Benedict is that you need to find an emotional link. Once you’ve found it, you two are practically soulmates. You’ll be able to communicate without talking and connect on a deeper level than anyone else could understand. As a Cancer, Benedict is a naturally emotional guy. You have to be ready to deal with your emotions if you want to make it work with him. But don’t worry – Benedict will help you not want to run away from your emotions. Just like you’ll help him not to run away from negative experiences. As long as you two are together, you’ll be connected and happy, even if your interests differ. For you two, it’s all about the communication and connection. Connecting to Cumberbatch sounds like a good time to us!

7If You’re A Sagittarius…


It’s Aquarius hottie Justin Timberlake for the Sagittarius gal. Now that is a good catch! The stars say that you and Justin will find each other when it’s time for both of you to go through a change. Your relationship will get you through that change and into your future together. The base of that relationship is friendship. You and Justin deeply and truly care for one another. Intellectually, you’re totally in step together, which is important side and wide and an open mind is important to both of you. You both also value honesty. You’re rational thinkers who will be able to communicate openly about anything. You love finding mutual interests and diving into them together. Perhaps you and Justin can take up cross stitching? Or maybe you can follow his passion for old school rap? The stars say when you two get together, no one and nothing can stand in the way of your success and productivity.

6If You’re A Capricorn…


Capricorn ladies, meet your perfect man: David Beckham, the most gorgeous Taurus we know (talk about being one of the luckier ladies in the bunch!). Look at those arms! That smirk! The stars say you and David could form the most incredible bond together. You complement each other perfectly. David will motivate you and you will show him where your ambition can take you. From the outside, not everyone will understand your relationship. But you both know what is happening. You both have big goals and you will help each other to achieve them. Emotionally, it does not get much better for a Capricorn than loving someone like David. The stars say it will feel like David has literally touched your heart when you finally open up to him. Wow, that sounds pretty phenomenal. Your relationship also values trust and security, so it sounds like you two lovebirds are set!

5If You’re An Aquarius…


It’s steely, blue-eyed, Sagittarius Jake Gyllenhaal for the Aquarius lady. And what a lucky lady she is! Together you and Jake are creative and unique. You bring your positive ideals and Jake brings his knowledge of the world. You’re both excited about life and share a deep friendship underneath your love for one another. You know how to communicate well and keep things exciting. We bet there’s never a dull moment when Jake is involved! Jake will love your individuality and creativity. And you’ll love Jake’s willingness to take initiative and push himself to excellence. At times, Jake may appear selfish to you. But if you fall back on your solid communication skills, we’re sure you’ll be able to get through it. It’s a good thing you and Jake will be so loyal to each other. You’ll need that mutual admiration and devotion to get through any problems that stand in your way.

4If You’re A Pisces…


Pisces women please enjoy your perfect celebrity match, Scorpio Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is having a pretty amazing year with the success of Deadpool and the fact that he looks that amazing at 40 years old. And it is about to get a whole lot more amazing with you in his life (we are pretending wife Blake Lively and his daughters do not exist). Together, you and Ryan will reach a new emotional level neither of you thought possible before this. You will use that emotion and your understanding nature to truly fall in love. Ryan will have to learn to accept your changing nature and you will have to learn not to run away from your negative emotions. But once you both do this, you will find happiness with each other. No one will understand Ryan better than you will. That emotional approach will lead you to fantastic conversations and an unbreakable bond.

3If You’re A Taurus Or Scorpio AVOID…


A warning to all our Taurus and Scorpio ladies (or maybe just ladies in general), avoid Geminis like Shia LaBeouf. Someone like Shia will be far too restless for a Taurus lady and too free-loving for a Scorpio gal. And that outfit might be too much for ladies of any Zodiac sign! Shia is the type of guy who easily gets nervous and can never make a decision. This will irritate you to no end. He’s always full of life and bursting with energy, which can be way too much to handle. Shia hates being alone and any sort of routine or schedule. He’ll be a constant headache if you’re trying to settle down or do something by yourself. You don’t need someone getting upset if you go out for ladies’ night! Then there’s his whole garbage bag over the head thing, which we’ll never really understand. Probably best to steer clear here, ladies.

2If You’re A Sagittarius Or Aquarius AVOID…


Yes, he’s hot as all hell but trust us Sagittarius and Aquarius ladies, Jason Derulo is not the man for you. Don’t let his stunning good looks and smooth voice charm you, this Virgo boy is just bad news. Jason is all work and no play. He will always be focused on his career and will often leave you behind. You don’t want a man who is married to his work. Plus, he’s insanely critical not only of himself, but he’ll be critical of you too! We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. And he’s critical because deep down, he’s actually very shy and worried, which is a lot of emotional drama for you to deal with. Worse? Guys like Jason have a really hard time asking for help. So while he’s spending all day in the studio getting super critical about his work, he won’t even think to give you a call or ask for your support. We say, skip this emotional mess!

1If You’re A Capricorn Or Virgo AVOID…


Capricorn and Virgo ladies, please stay far away from a Leo man like Ben Affleck. First of all, did you see him in Batman vs Superman? Enough said. But seriously, a Leo is a bad idea for you. Someone like Ben is arrogant and self-centred. He only thinks about himself and he’s super stubborn. Which means he will be set in his ways and unwilling to compromise. You don’t want to pair up with someone like that! And because he’s so arrogant, he has a really hard time not being the center of attention. You don’t want a man who is always going to steal the spotlight or grumble when he’s not everyone’s number one priority. In fact, he’s starting to sound more like a toddler than an eligible Hollywood bachelor. And while he may be creative and passionate, that’s not enough to make up for all the stress he’ll cause you. Just ask Jennifer Garner!

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