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About Leo – The Ugly Truth

About Leo – The Ugly Truth: by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Find out the ugly truth about Leo. Get the low-down on what the zodiac signs are really about. Kelli Fox, The Astrologer reveals the ugly truth about the horoscope signs. Sometimes, the truth needs to be told…

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This sign is the bossiest of the zodiac. Leo comes across as confident and commanding when all eyes are on them but as soon as they’re not getting enough attention they tend to throw a hissy fit. They’re a limelight hog and their vanity is legend. They are a show-off by nature and won’t hesitate to boast to an adoring audience.

Theirs is the royal sign of the zodiac. They’re pompous and think they really are the king or queen while the rest of us mere servants are here to wait on them hand and foot. They are big snobs and can be extremely overbearing and arrogant. ‘Off with her head’ they’d secretly like to command when their granny doesn’t make their favorite meal to their liking.

Money can’t buy taste and Leo is known for lavish spending particularly on gaudy clothing and over the top jewelry and accessories which command the attention they crave. Their motto could be the famous PR slogan: “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” As long as people are talking about them then they must be popular. Leo is constantly seeking attention and will be best suited to a partner who doesn’t care for such things. Someone who they can endlessly boss around and let them make all the decisions as well as take all the credit.

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