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As Donald Trump’s Popularity Dwindles, Bernie Sanders’ Surges





The latest Harvard-Harris poll, conducted between October 14 and October 18, affirms that voters are increasingly favoring Sen. Bernie Sanders and progressivism while President Donald Trump’s favorability continues its downward spiral.

Sanders’ total favorability in this latest poll is 53 percent, and it is highest among hispanics (66 percent) and African-Americans (77 percent). His numbers dwarf other leading politicians’ on the left and right, including Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer. Donald Trump’s unfavorable ratings were the highest of any politician included at 56 percent. Only 37 percent of respondents view Sanders’ unfavorably.

The poll also asked registered Democrats if they support the party embracing progressive policies and moving further to the left. Fifty-two percent of total respondents were in favor, including 69 percent of millennials, 55 percent of women, 65 percent of Hispanics, and 55 percent of African-American Democratic Party voters.

Since Trump’s election, several polls have found that Sanders is the most popular politician in the country, including previous Harvard-Harris polls conducted earlier this year. Additionally, a July 2017 Morning Consultpoll and a survey conducted by Fox News in March 2017 found similar results. A July 2017 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that Sanders would defeat Trump by 13 percentage points if a general presidential election was held at that time.


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